All About Ah Sheh~ Charmaine Sheh <3

English Name: Charmaine Sheh See Man
Chinese Name: 佘 詩 曼 a
Chinese Nickname : Ah Sheh
Viet Name: Xa Thi Man
Date Of Birth : 5/28/1975
Age: 33 years old
Zodiac : Rabbit
Star Sign : Germine
Height : 5'5"
Vision : Normal
Cloths' Size : Small
Shoes' Size : 7 and a half
House's Location : North Point (Kowloon island)
Family Members : Mother and a brother
Habit Before Going To Sleep : Talking on the telephone
Education Level : Graduate of Tertiary Institution
Favourite Season : Autumn
Favourite Movies : Meaningful Types
Favourite Singer : Leslie Cheung
Favoutite Actress : Cheung Man Yuk
Leisure Activity : Watch VCD
Favourite Brands : Too many
Favourite Tourist : Attraction Rome
Place Wanted To Go : Greece
Favourite Animal : Dogs
Most Afraid Insects : Mosquitoes
Favourite Colours : Anything apart from Orange and brown
Most Loved Person : Mother
Most Dislike People : Selfish, no manners
Favourite Fruit : Mangoesteen
Most Resisted Food : Chilly stuff
Ideal Partner : Brainy, or likes to think
Favoutite Cartoon Character : Road Runner
Most Excitied Experience : Miss Hong Kong
Thing wanted to do most : Travel around earth
                                                                              Types of magazine read : Too many
                                                                              Golden Phrase You can get nothing for free (or There's no free lunch)
                                                                              Goals : To be a successful business/working woman