Charmaine Sheh's characters are often legendary, never forgettable and always immaculate. From her filming career at TVB she has portrayed a multitude of different personalities which make her the best in the game. The following are some of the roles she has taken up over the years with my personal favourites at the top =) Do you remember all of them? If not, no worries, the captions will refresh you all !

War and Beauty 金枝玉孽 2004

Dong Ga Yee Sheurn
董佳 爾淳

I don't like to play favourites, especially in a tvb series like 2004's epic "War and Beatuy" with its stellar cast of leading fadans. However, Charmaine's character 爾淳 is my favourite no matter how many times I watch and rewatch the series. 爾淳 is one of those likable dark characters, although they appear to be evil, malicious, highly manipulative beings- they're still somehow likable and pitiable. In Charmaine's role as 爾淳 she plays the part of a good-hearted individual used by her adopted father for evil deeds. Yet beyond her boldly uncaraing exterior lies a soft-sided 爾淳 when she finds her long-lost sister Fok-Ah aka Jade Leung and 爾淳 is able to let her guard down. Throughout the series, my favourite part would most definitely be the scenes where Charmaine is drinking tea peacefully across from Gigi Lai's room no matter what goes on- yet once Bowie Lam is dragged into Gigi Lai's room, Charmaine's facade of serenity is erupted in rage. The cool calm and collected personality of 爾淳 is definitely outstanding and the way Charmaine is able to play the intelligently evil and scheming 爾淳 so persuasively is amazing. 爾淳 is hands down the best character Charmaine has ever played ... so far =)

The Drive of Life 歲月鳳雲 2007

Wing Sau Fung

 榮秀風, the money loving, RAYMOND loving *(excellent scenes there), character in Drive of Life is once again a grey character at the start of the series. Although she makes it clear to her boyfriend raymond from the start of the series that she's only dating him for the money, 榮秀風 ends up sticking around much longer after that. Her skeptical attitude towards Raymond in the series is charming and cute and makes them such a cute couple to follow in this lengthy drama. My favourite scene of Charmaine in this series would definitely be the moments she shares with Raymond such as the part where Raymond tries to convince her that he's more than just a rich boyfriend by taking her out to bike and fly kites as well as eat scorpions on 40$- a challenge to show Charmaine that their relationship is much more than just $

Glittering Days 東方之珠

Chu Yok Lan/Fan Lan

朱玉蘭. She wears clogs, has the constant need to rub her nose ever other minute and speaks with a "heurng ha" accent. OH, and she has a little piggie that she takes to the city as a pet. What's not to like about her? As a visitor to the city and a complete noob, 朱玉蘭 is the typical character that transforms from a funny, accented little girl who knows nothing to the big star 薰蘭. As always, the character before the transformation is the best, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Charmaine act out the shy little farm girl who takes up the job of singing at HK's most popular night club. Oh, and the scenes where Charmaine is hugging the pig so much it looks like its in pain are so hilariously cute it just makes you want to get a pet pig. How much more influencial can television get?

Witness to a Prosecution II洗冤錄II 2002

Yun Yok Chu

 阮玉珠 is a role that Charmaine has reached finesse for over the years. The pouty, obnoxious, righteously cute character of 阮玉珠 is known as a cursed bride, having been unsuccessful in previous marriages (ending with the death of her fiances before the wedding) Yet her feisty, blatant and lack of self pitying attitude makes her extremely lovable in this series. Although her hands are rotten and she is scolded everywhere she goes- 阮玉珠stands up for her friends and what she believes in as well as stays firm with her belief that no woman needs a man. Yet she falls in love with Bobby Au-Yeurng and thus, does not have to follow her previous plan of paying the unmarried woman tax until the age of 50.

The Dance of Passion 火舞黃沙 2006

Ka Chun Fan


Maiden's Vow 鳳凰四重奏

Ngai Yu Fung/Wong Tsz Kwan/Bak Wai-Jan Jenny/Dai Si Gah


Forensic Heroes II 法証先鋒II 2008

Ma Kwok-Ying ~Bell