Charmaine's Filmography

Time Off《生命有 Take 2 Mak Yun-yee 麥婉儀 Guest Star


Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain《雪山飛狐》 Miu Yeuk Lan 苗若蘭 Second Lead
 Detective Investigation Files IV
《刑事偵緝檔案IV Man Yuen Lan 文婉蘭 Second Lead


The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber《倚天屠龍記》 Chow Chi Yeuk 周芷若 Second Lead
Return of the Cuckoo《十月初五的月光》 Chok Kwan Hou祝君好

Second Lead

Awarded: My Favourite Television Character

My Favourite On-Screen Partners (with Chilam)

Sword Stained with Royal Blood《碧血劍》阿九 Second Lead

Love is Beautiful《無頭東宮》Guest Star

Blue Moon《跑馬地的月光》葉阿媛 First Lead


Country Spirit《酒是故鄉醇》 Lai Sun Fung 黎順風 First Lead

Awarded: My Favourite Television Character

Seven Sisters《七姐妹》 Wong Yuk Jam 黃玉簪 Second Lead

The Final Shot《熱血狙擊》 Kiwi First Lead

Perfect Match《月滿抱西環》

A Herbalist Affair《情牽百子櫃》 Ng Sin Yu 吳倩如 First Lead

The White Flame《紅衣手記》 Yoh Choi Ling 郁采玲 First Lead

Witness to a Prosectuation II《洗冤錄II Yun Yok Chu 阮玉珠 First Lead

Love is a Butterfly《飄忽男女》One of Three Leads

Qian Long Xia Jiang Nan《乾隆下江南》紫霞、皇后 First Lead

Carry Me Fly And Walk Off《帶我飛帶我走》 Qin Fang 秦芳 First Lead

Perish in the Name of Love《帝女花》Princess Changping 長平公主 First Lead

Awarded: My Favourite Television Character

Point of No Return《西關大少》 Ho Seung Hei 何雙喜 First Lead

Life Begins at Forty《花樣中年》 Kelly Kwan Tsz Ki 關子淇 First Lead


Angels of Mission《無名天使3D Yui Lai Fah 姚麗花 One of Three Leads

War and Beauty《金枝玉孽》董佳爾淳 One of Four Leads


Strike at Heart《驚豔一槍》 Sui Geng 小鏡 First Lead

Yummy Yummy《美味風雲終極大美食》 Chow Man Hei 周文希 First Lead

Always Ready《隨時候命》 Hong Yau-Nam Carrie 康友嵐 First Lead||


Leathal Weapons of Love and Passion《翻雨覆雲》 Chun Mong Yui 秦夢瑤 First Lead

 The Dance of Passion《火舞黃沙》 Ka Chun Fan家春分 One of Four Leads

Maiden’s Vow《鳳凰四重奏》 Ngai Yu Fung/Wong Tsz Kwan/Bak Wai-Jan Jenny/Dai Si Gah 魏瑜鳳/汪子君/白慧珍/戴思嘉 First Lead

Awarded: Best Actress Award & My Favourite Female Character

Glittering Days《東方之珠》 Chu Yok Lan/Fan Lan 朱玉蘭/薰蘭 Second Lead


The Drive of Life《歲月鳳雲》 Wing Sau Fung榮秀風 First Lead

Word Twister’s Adventures《鐵咀銀牙》 Lap Lan Ching Ching 納蘭菁菁 First Lead

The Lady Iron Chef《美女食神》 Siu Ah Si蕭阿詩


Forensic Heroes II《法証先鋒II Ma Kwok-Ying Bell馬幗英 First Lead

When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West《東山飄雨西關晴》 Yip Heung Ching 葉向晴 Second Lead




You're Hired/The Entrepreneurial Beauties《絕代商嬌》 Lam Miu Miu林淼淼 First Lead

 Beyond the Realm of Conscience《宮心計》Lau Sam Ho 劉三好 First Lead